The best, elite escort models in the world for you!

Spend an unforgettable evening with an attractive and educated girl today.


Satisfied customers thanks to a personalised approach and rigorous model selection


In our elite escort agency:
the models' photos are completely true to life


We guarantee complete anonymity
and confidentiality for our clients


Satisfied customers thanks to a personalised approach and rigorous model selection


In our elite escort agency:
the models' photos are completely true to life


We guarantee complete anonymity
and confidentiality for our clients

IMG models - the best escort service in Russia, Dubai and Turkey today

We provide professional VIP support services in Russia, Dubai and Turkey. The models of our agency are stunning companions who will be a perfect decoration of a man at a VIP event, during a romantic date, vacation, trip or party.

Saving you time, nerves and money
Guarantee quality models and service
No commitment to models

IMG Models can help you organise:

  • Romantic meetings in Russia, Dubai and Turkey
  • Accompanying for private or public events
  • Accompanying for private or public events
  • Holidays and business trips
In our catalogue
you will find:
  • The world's most beautiful girls and professional models
  • Athletes, beauty pageant contestants, showgirls
  • Models: Instagram, catwalk, bikini and fitness
  • Media girls, p*rno stars, twins
P.S The services of IMG models are available to all members of our private escort club.

Get access to the Vip Directory with over 3,000 profiles

Get access to the Vip Directory with over 3,000 profiles
Want to see our complete VIP catalogue of over 3000 models? Join the exclusive escort club of IMG models escort agency.

Our models
compete in beauty contests

Closed Club Subscription IMG Models

Subscription to the IMG Models Private Escort Club must be purchased to organise the event and access the catalogue.
Subscription includes:
  • Organization of meetings with elite models
  • Private VIP catalogue subscription
  • Personal manager 24/7
  • Tailor-made models to suit you
20,000 RUB.
Access period
1 year

Demo access to VIP catalogue

Try free demo access to IMG models agency VIP models catalogue, we have only verified photos of girls.

Stages of event organisation

Pay for subscription in a closed escort club for 1 year
Getting to know your personal manager and agreeing the details of the event
Selecting a model and agreeing on a budget
Meeting and payment
P.S It takes about 3 hours to organise the event, which will go into agreeing the details, selecting the model, collecting and travelling.

1000 satisfied customers
with our services

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Answering frequent questions from customers:

Mission of IMG Models Agency

Fast, convenient organization of escort for wealthy men with the best Models of the World in any country !

What services does the agency provide?

Over the years, by trial and error, several of the most popular types of services have been developed:

  1. Meeting with a model in Moscow (various duration)
  2. Meet the model in Dubai, Russia, Europe, USA
  3. Invitation of a model to any city/country (holiday/business trip), where it is possible
  4. Organization of parties / bachelor parties in Moscow, in the region or in another country
  5. Relationship/Content (Special Terms)
How to organize a meeting/trip/party with a model?

Organizing an event is quite simple.

In order to organize a meeting / trip / party, you need to be a member of the Escort Elite Private Club “IMG Models”.

Stages of meeting organization:

  1. Pay for Subscription in the Escort Club – 20.000 RUB for a period of 1 year
  2. With the manager we determine the desired format, time, place, duration
  3. We send the model from the catalog to your personal manager or ask you to make an individual selection of models for you. Choosing a girl. We are clarifying the budget of the meeting
  4. We confirm all the details with the manager
  5. We are sending the model to your event. We’re meeting
  6. We pay for the event. Important: payment at the meeting with the model!

We remain satisfied with the past event and leave an honest, preferably detailed review)

How and where is the event taking place?

How and where the event takes place is determined by you!

It is only important to agree on the desired format with your manager.

We can also offer you a selection of popular formats with which you can brighten up your leisure time with the most beautiful models.

1. Restaurant/social outing/ private party

Your lovely evening can be brightened up by our pleasant companions in a restaurant, on the way out, or in the circle of their friends and acquaintances, without worrying about the reputation of the girl at all.

2. Trip/ vacation/business trip

Invite a girl on vacation for 1, 2, 3 or more days in a romantic or vice versa, active vacation. Whether it’s the sun and the beach or the mountains and the mountains. Our companions, in addition to being educated, are also talented)

3. Party/ Bachelor party

How about without parties and stag parties)) Men aged 30+ are very fond of such events and of course we cannot deny them high-profile events with the most beautiful, elite models.

For some time before the meeting, it is advisable to contact?

The organization process takes from 3 hours, but it is advisable to plan your vacation for a day, a maximum of 3 days.

With the advance organization of meetings, there will be a greater choice of high-quality models.

Is it possible to organize an event according to your format?

Yes. Having previously agreed it with your manager. Because models will be selected individually for your format.

Is it possible to invite several models to the casting and choose one?


The choice of the model for the event takes place according to the questionnaire, which consists of parameters, photos and videos. Photos and videos are presented both in professional quality and live.
There is enough material to decide on the choice of your princess.

What should I do if I didn't like the model at the meeting?

Unfortunately, such situations happen and the fact of personal sympathy is present, and we really cannot exclude it.

As well as the fact that the girl brought efforts to appear at the meeting “at the parade”, spending her time and financial resources.

Therefore, at the meeting, it is possible to cancel the meeting, but with the payment of a small compensation in the amount of $300.

We are also ready to find a replacement promptly in order for your current event to be held at the highest level.

In which countries do we work?
  1. Russia
  2. Dubai
    At the moment, it is a very popular direction.
  3. Turkey

Budgets in different countries:

1. Standard 1500-3000$
2. Higher by 50%
3. Standard

We can also bring almost any model from one country to another, if the borders allow it.

Why can't I see the catalog before paying for a club Subscription?
  • IMG Models is a closed Escort Club.
    Only members of the Elite Club have access to the catalog.
  • Confidentiality.
    It is important both for many of you and for models. I think there is no need to explain the importance of confidentiality.
  • Unfortunately, about 60% of the audience visited are “crooks”. Having different motives for viewing this material.
    That’s why IMG Models is a closed club.
How do we accept payment?

For citizens of the Russian Federation:

1. Banks: SberBank, Tinkoff, Alfa Bank, ICD.
2. Cryptocurrency: BTC, USDT
3. Payment system: Qiwi, WebMoney

For foreign citizens:

1. Cryptocurrency: BTC, USDT
There are no other options yet.

If none of the options is suitable, then Cash remains: RUB, USD, EUR,AUD


  1. Pre-discuss with the manager a convenient payment method
  2. Payment is required when meeting with the model.
  3. Payment in BTC takes place in advance for 1-2 hours, because it takes time for the transaction and exchange

You can also follow the news of the agency in the Telegram channel